Lily of a Valley

Musings, Melodies, and Scripts of my Heart

its the moments when you are crying your eyes out, where your at the pit of your heart and soul feeling ripped up and hurt…maybe even a bit bruised…that you come to a reality of life, purpose, and what matters the most. Its when Gods truth and character shines the brightest because you have no more of your self in the way- you are too cried-out to make excuses and reasons of why you cant or why me. You are completely humbled, and face down on the floor- but at the same time being raise up righteously. Being made new, refined, and re-sculpted to even better than that last minute that past. Pruned to a perfection until the next season shifts and you repeated the process with whatever comes about at that time. All the while, becoming more buffed and shining even brighter of His glory and grace. 

we need to HONOR the people in our lives. Honor in greek means (among other things) to evoke good opinion. Esteem value. Great respect. Isn’t that what Jesus did for us? Doesn’t He always see the very best opinion of us? 

rise up again

rise up again

you are being renewed

rise up, rise again

rise up again

He is making you new

all i want to do is worship you

as you carry me to the throne room

all i want to do is follow you

as you fill my heart with grace

all i want to do is pursue you

as you mend my broken ness

all i want to do is sing your truth

as you fill me up again

come, light the passion, light the fire in our hearts

come, light the passion,

come, light the passion, the center of your heart

come, light the passion, light the fire in our hearts

fill us with the center of your heart 


I was dabbling in my mind today how I would react if someone asked me to do flowers for a gay marriage. Seeing how I’ve recently gotten back in the field. I’m thinking about this, praying a little, and mulling over it again when suddenly, it hit me.

The minute you label them, you’ve already lost. 

You see- that is exactly what the enemy wants us to do. Put each other into boxes, categories, and stick different meanings and labels and connotations, and opinions all over each box. The moment we label, and drop someone in a box is the minute Satan wins and we loose. 

Why do we loose? Because you see, Jesus DIDN’T LABEL. He ate with the tax collectors, touched the untouchables, talked to the children, gave to the needy  spoke to the head of the church. He treated everyone with righteous truth and love. 

The minute we label is the moment we have blinded ourselves to see that person fully in the Fathers love. And once we loose the love, we loose the battle.

"Love never fails."

youre life is fragile. its labeled ”handel with care.” its gone through many different shipments, shipwrecks, and been tossed and shoved. its been slammed, punched, pushed, pricked, written on. but once you get to the intended “receiver”, youre handled with care, with awe, with love. youre handled as a treasure, youre piece of life. you become something useful, something desired, something anticipated  and youre arrival is happy, full of zeal and greatness. 

thats how God feels when you finally realize He bought you at the beginning, full of excitement and adoration of your potential. Waiting your arrivale, waiting to unwrap you so the world can see the beautiful thing inside. 

i love when a baby laughs. i love listening to the sound of a stream. i love the frogs you hear late at night. i love cuddling back into a warm bed. i love the little faces on dragonflies. i love watching bubbles in your drink. i love when branches sway by the wind. i love the mist that hugs the mountaintop…